Crescendo Suzuki Studio

Ages 4 1/2-8 

First-year students ages 4 1/2-8 will have two classes per week: a 45-minute group class and a 30-minute individual lesson with their parent(s).

The child will initially learn posture on a box violin, master rhythm exercises, and learn how to care for the instrument. The student will work to develop a relaxed and controlled bow hold, violin posture, and finger dexterity. The parent and child will establish a consistent practice routine including posture, singing, rhythm, and listening. The parent will learn the basic mechanics of the instrument to assist in home practice.

Student and parents work as a group on rhythm, pitch, posture, and familiarity with the Suzuki repertoire through creative activities. Basic music theory is introduced as part of the group class. Parents will also learn an understanding of the instrument while developing a basic knowledge of the Suzuki philosophy. 

First Year Students