Crescendo Suzuki Studio

Core Program:
Ages 4-18

After the first year of study, students join the core program. Each student will receive weekly INDIVIDUAL, GROUP, and THEORY lessons. Individual lessons are 30-60 minutes, determined by age and repertoire.

In the first stage of violin lessons for a beginner student, the individual lesson will be split between the parent and child. The child will learn posture on a box violin, master rhythm exercises, and learn how to care for the instrument. The student will work to develop a relaxed and controlled bowhold, violin posture, and finger dexterity. The parent and child will establish a consistent practice routine including posture, singing, rhythm, and listening. The parent will learn the basic mechanics of the instrument to assist in home practice.

The focus in the individual lessons is almost entirely on the student, and the parent is coached on practice techniques along with the child. The parent is the lesson observer/ note taker and the home teacher. Students will work on technique, musicianship, listening, effective practice habits, and performing techniques. Beginning in Suzuki Book 2, students will begin music reading.

The group lesson incorporates all of the violin skills and repertoire the student masters at home and in lessons, and also includes skills such as ensemble playing, playing with an accompanist, harmony, theory, ear training, and audience etiquette. The class is an opportunity to experience the social aspects of music, polish pieces for performance, review repertoire in a "strength-in-numbers" environment, and learn from peers.

Theory classes are based on Music Mind Games (, and train students in several aspects of music development away from the instrument: Recognition of pitch, singing in solfege (Do Re Mi), recognizing note and rest values, rhythm exercises, mastering note names and where they are on both the staff and the instrument, identifying and singing intervals, key and time signatures, and music terms and symbols.

Additionally, all students will have several opportunities to perform throughout the year, both as soloists and in groups.

Core Program:  The Suzuki Approach